RAISE HELL is about a Texas maverick named MOLLY IVINS. She was one of the most courageous journalists of modern times… and also one of the funniest. Often compared to Mark Twain and Will Rogers, this six-foot tall Texan used her razor-sharp wit to speak truth to power while giving a voice to those who didn’t have one. Calling out corrupt politicians who were backed by corporate bosses was great sport for Molly, and many of her targets loved being in her columns.

Molly was a trailblazer for female journalists. At the height of her popularity, nearly 400 papers carried her column. She appeared on national television and radio, lectured all over the country and encouraged her constituents to raise hell and fight for freedom. Molly was a tall drink of water that quenched a thirsty populace who, isolated by geography and politics, knew they were not alone when they heard her voice. A fighter against injustice until the very end, breast cancer took Ivins out of the game way too soon.


Who today can fill Molly’s size-12 shoes? Molly Ivins’ voice and humor are needed now more than ever to stir the public to action. Not just in Texas, which Molly called the laboratory for bad government, but all over this great country. There are a million political pundits out there today but very few independent voices that speak truth to power. Molly was brilliant and prescient, but most importantly she was funny. She knew that humor was the way to reach people so they could truly listen. She spoke from the heart. She was not a cynic. She gave voice to people who didn’t have one. She called her constituents her “beloveds” and she never stopped raisin’ hell even when she was dying from breast cancer. Molly’s death created a vacuum that has yet to be filled. RAISE HELL will bring Molly’s larger-than-life personality back for those who are missing her and longing to hear that unique Texan voice again. Even more importantly the film will introduce her to those who never knew her but soon will. Get out there and RAISE HELL!