Dear Molly Beloveds,

Hello and Happy Summer to y’all. Team Raise Hell has been busy as bees moving “Raise Hell” forward.

In April, Janice and Carlisle traveled to Boulder to attend the Conference on World Affairs where Molly was a long time favored and featured speaker. The CWA had been asking us for several years when we could attend and show them something, (thank you Betsy Hand). This is the year we did it, and boy was it the right year!

The CWA scheduled us as the closing in the actual “Molly Ivins Plenary” spot. We screened the fundraising cut, which all y’all have seen, and a couple of other bits.  Molly’s good friend Ellen Sweets moderated the Q and A panel, and we all had a great time remembering Molly. Never one to miss an opportunity to promote the film, Carlisle urged the crowd to educate their children and grandchildren on who Molly was, how much she is missed and why her voice is needed now more than ever!

Boy howdy, we are deep into the editing process and are on schedule to have a full rough cut by the end of summer! Janice and Monique Zavistovski, our dynamic duo director-editor team, are whipping Raise Hell into shape.

Here is a new clip, taken from the rough cut:

That’s all for now – we will check back in with y’all in the fall.

As always, THANK YOU for your support,

Janice Engel, Director – Producer
Carlisle Vandervoort, Producer
James Egan, Producer


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Spring Update 2017

Hey Molly Beloveds…

Still Editing, we’ll keep y’all posted… pun intended!

The Raise Hell Team

Happy Holidays from Team Raise Hell! Thank you SO much for your great and continued support of Raise Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins.

In the run up to the election the Raise Hell Facebook page exploded with your fantastic and enthusiastic responses to our posts of Molly quotes and images. Every one of us on Team Raise Hell was thrilled with the show of love for Molly and support for the film. We feel now more than ever Molly’s voice, humor and joie de vivre are truly needed.

Here is the low down – it ain’t done yet. Our production team is small and we all wear a variety of hats. Janice, our director is editing to get it to a “rough cut”. Once that is done, we will follow up with PBS, Showtime and other broadcast outlets that have expressed interest, and go out and get the remaining money we need to finish.

Other news: our website will be revamped in the first quarter of 2017 and a news page will be added so that we can post timely and frequent updates.

Donations continue to come in – THANK YOU! We really appreciate that. So if you’d like to throw a little more cheer (it’s tax deductible y’all) to Raise Hell this holiday you can do so here:

We know that this is not the update that y’all hoped for but the reality of independently funded and created documentaries is that they are challenging to make. We are hoping that come early 2018 Raise Hell will be screening at your local metroplex!

Thank you again for being a part of this ever-expanding journey, bringing Molly Ivins back to the people!

A very Molly and Jolly Holiday season to all.

Janice, Carlisle & James